World's First Complete NFT Search Engine

What's Hebys all about?

First of its kind in the world, Hebys is a robust and comprehensive NFT Search Engine with multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities, metaverse/marketplace-agnostic browsing and AI features.

Hebys is like “Google Search” but for NFTs, like “Amazon” for sorting/filtering/ranking within the field and like "Palantir" for dynamic/real-time tracking and data analytics.

It is an aggregator and real-time tracker of all NFT assets on all major blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse whether on-chain or off-chain and powers the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly discover, create, trade NFT assets across the whole ecosystem.

Using Hebys, anyone can easily gain access to the NFT market to unlock the full potential of what NFT ecosystem offers.

Vision: Unify & Simplify We believe simplifying processes on both sides of the trade for users will unlock the full potential of NFT ecosystem comprised of scarce digital assets scattered all around web. Hebys will unify the assets acting as a hub and make it simple for average user by utilizing it's multi-chain structure powered by major block-chains.

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