Community Rewards

Search to Earn

HEBYS search engine users will be able to earn rewards in $HEBYS for their search.

When users connect their wallet to HEBYS, they will be prompted with a claimable reward offer while being redirected. If they make a purchase from wherever they're redirected from HEBYS, the reward will be claimable within 24 hours from HEBYS.

Example: The user is off to purchase something from X Marketplace anyway, why not do it in return for a reward? And all the user needs to do in this case will be proceed over our search engine, come-back and claim the reward.

Marketplace Mining

HEBYS token will be earned by actively participating on the platform.

Over a quarter of HEBYS token's total supply is reserved for creators and buyers on HEBYS marketplace, who will receive HEBYS through weekly distribution according to weekly purchases and sales volumes.

Staking Rewards

In addition to your HEBYS holdings earned by participating on the platform, you will be able to deposit extra holdings from wallets, exchanges etc. and will be able to stake it to earn more HEBYS.


NFT community will be rewarded as per their NFT-related chain activity in regular cycles.

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