This project document and its contents don't constitute an offer, request, or incentive for purchasing any token or digital asset. The whitepaper in question is intended to be shared publicly, collecting feedback and comments from individuals. Nothing contained in this document constitutes a warranty or commitment as to how Hebys or related digital assets will be developed, used, and provide value.

Crypto assets may lose value partially or completely, and may not be liquidated or transferred where needed. With this whitepaper, Hebys outlines its current plans, the completed parts of the plans, and the project goals. The success of the project depends on external factors that cannot be controlled by Hebys.

In this regard, the fact that future plans don't constitute a commitment to potential risks and that performance values and results indicated in the document might vary in the future must be paid attention to. Hebys doesn't make any commitment to update the project roadmap.

Please consider that statements used in this whitepaper are not guaranteed to be identical to the actual results and that external factors to be involved in the future might have an impact on the course of the project.

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